• Over 8 years of professional production experience/p>

  • More than 250 professional and technical personnel

  • Exports to more than 30 countries

  • Factory area of 4000 square meters

  • The monthly output is up to 50 tons


News information

  • 2021.04.01

    What are the advantages of plastic flexible packaging materials?

    Plastic flexible packaging material based on plastic has many advantages, mainly in the following aspects

  • 2021.04.01

    Biodegradable plastic packaging can replace the traditional plastic packaging

    Faced with the increasingly severe environmental pollution problem of plastic products, the development of biodegradable and pollution-free materials and the search for better substitutes for plastic products have become the focus of scientific research of the industry. Microbial biodegradable materials, as a kind of natural biodegradable materials, have played a unique role in energy conservation and environmental protection. Scientific research and development of microbial biodegradable materials have been rapidly developed and have been pointed out as a reasonable and effective way to deal with "white pollution".

  • 2021.04.01

    What materials are usually used in frozen food packaging?

    This composite material structure is common in frozen food packaging, moisture proof, cold resistance, low temperature heat sealing performance is good, the cost is relatively low.


  • Quality Assurance

    Years of development experience, formed a scientific and reasonable production process, to ensure the quality of products.

  • Quality certificate

    Our products have passed the certification including SGS No:QIP-ASI2051108 standard recognition.

  • Advanced Technologies

    Has a modern factory, the basic automatic import equipment, standardized production line.

  • Export Trading

    Strictly control the quality, honesty - based, adequate supply, products are sold to Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States.

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